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School Information

Picture of MHS Freshman Center

Manchester High School offers an extensive array of programs and courses that challenge its diverse student population. Students can enroll in cooperative programs with local colleges and universities including UCONN, Manchester Community College, and Capital Community College. MHS provides a wide-range of elective offerings to encourage student career exploration as an avenue of developing an assortment of skills and abilities.

All students will develop the tools necessary to become productive, responsible members of society

As a school community we are committed to:

  • Living our Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Kindness and Perseverance
  • Ensuring a high quality education for all
  • Continuously improving practices to maximize learning for all
  • Fostering positive partnerships among students, parents, families, school personnel and the community
  • Maintaining a safe and inclusive school where equity is the norm and excellence is the goal


(Summary of the competencies and core values)

Manchester High School is a diverse and inclusive community.  We believe every student can achieve excellence through unique learning experiences. We are committed to engaging students in a rigorous curriculum that fosters collaboration, supports individual growth and promotes authentic learning. Furthermore, our community encourages respect, integrity, perseverance and responsibility as students develop the mindset and character needed to be contributing members of our global society.

The Manchester High School community has identified the following learning expectations as our Vision of a MHS Graduate.

Academic, Civic, and Social Expectations

  1. Critical Thinking: Analyze and evaluate ideas, claims, evidence and/or representations to construct meaning.
  2. Problem Solving: Define problems and work through processes to determine solutions, draw conclusions, evaluate the reasonableness of solutions, and/or have a better understanding of problems.
  3. Creative and Innovative Thinking: Explore idea(s) through a meaningful, intentional process that inspires the development of a product, performance, or solution.
  4. Collaboration: Work together to share and evaluate knowledge and ideas by asking questions, listening actively, and respecting and considering the opinions of others in order to achieve a common goal.
  5. Communication: Express ideas and share information to effectively engage an audience for a given purpose and task.
  6. Self-Direction and Process Monitoring: Develop strategies and plans to manage time, accomplish goals, and monitor progress through feedback and reflection.
  7. Cultural/Global Competence: Examine how culture and conditions impact perspective, identity, and action.
  8. Civic and Social Behavior: Contributes positively to the school and global community.

Core Values

Being considerate of people, their ideas, your community and your school through your actions and words.
Responsibility:Taking ownership of and being accountable for your actions and choices.
Integrity: Doing the right thing, especially when it’s difficult.
Kindness: Appreciating the feelings of others through your actions and words.
Perseverance:Challenging yourself to overcome obstacles to achieve success.